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You want to live and work in Germany? With MyWay you have the chance! We accompany you from the beginning through all processes until your arrival in Germany and beyond! Start your way to Germany now! With the help of the videos you will learn which values are important in the German working world. They will help you to make working in Germany easier.

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Preparation is everything. Find out about your potential employer and about your potential job. This always goes down well at the interview.

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Germans are always on time! Allow time for your morning routine and commute. It’s always good to be there 10 to 15 minutes early.

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Make sure you choose the right clothes for your job. Different rules apply depending on the industry. However, sweatpants are always a bad idea.

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Contact person

If you are not assigned a contact person, find one in the company that you can always ask if you don’t know something or let them know if you are going to be late or sick.

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Treat your colleagues with respect and behave respectfully toward superiors and customers. Disrespect can cause you to lose your job.

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Do not be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand something. In Germany, it is better to ask several times than to make unnecessary mistakes. Even the most experienced employees have questions.

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Integrate yourself into the team, then working will be easier for you. Loners are not welcome in a job where teamwork is required.

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Teamwork is the name of the game in most professions. Learn to work in a team. Together you are strong! You can help each other. This makes working much more fun!

Your advantages with MyWay

We make you fit for the German labor market.


We help you to compensate your professional deficits with appropriate courses and we help you to learn the German language even before you arrive in Germany. This way we make you fit for the German job market and you get closer to your dream of working in Germany.

We will help you with the recognition.


In order for you to be able to work in Germany, it is necessary that your foreign degree is recognized. We help you to achieve this and accompany you through the entire recognition process. If you meet all the requirements, your professional qualification may already be recognized before you enter Germany.

We help you with the whole process of entering Germany!


We advise you on all the possibilities of immigration, clarify everything bureaucratic with the authorities and help you apply for your visa and get a work permit. We accompany you through the entire process and do not leave you alone. With us you start your journey to Germany and get all the necessary information you need from us. Start your journey with us!

We are by your side until you arrive in Germany AND beyond!


We accompany you not only until your arrival in Germany. We will pick you up from the airport, help you to find accommodation and are also available during your stay in our country with advice and support. This way we make sure that you have a pleasant start in Germany and you have the opportunity to clarify any questions that may arise during your first time with us. We are there for you if you need help with the authorities or even have problems with your accommodation.