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We accompany you on your way

We accompany you on your way

Digitalization, new technologies and innovation processes mean that the labor market is in a constant state of flux. This means that the challenges and demands on employees and employers are growing. In order to adapt to these changes in the labor market, professional development is an important step. With MyWay, we make it possible for you to take part in a training program that is flexible in terms of time and can be adapted to your individual needs. You can shape your career the way you want.

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WHEN you want!


Whether coaching or further education – you decide when you have time! With our coaching you arrange your appointments with your coach individually. Unsere Module für die Weiterbildungen finden auch online statt. You determine the time!

WHAT you want!


We offer you individual coaching up to further education! If you don’t know your way yet – no problem! Mit unseren individuellen Coachings findest Du ihn. Perhaps this path will also lead to our certified courses or we will help you with your start-up.

WHERE you want!


Whether from home, in a café or even in the park – through our digital coaching and modules you are location-independent. Are you not the digital type? No problem! In allen unseren Standorten wie z. B. Berlin, Dessau-Roßlau, Thüringen und Lutherstadt Wittenberg kannst Du auch persönlich vorbei schauen!

DIGITAL the way you want!


You decide how DIGITAL you want to work. Sowohl unser Coaching als auch unsere Weiterbildungen können alternativ online absolviert werden. Study WHERE and HOW you want. Wenn Du nicht ganz so digital unterwegs bist und Deinen Coach persönlich kennen lernen oder unsere Kurse in unseren Räumlichkeiten durchlaufen möchtest, dann ist das an allen Standorten möglich.